Error reading LayOut file help please

I have made a student project to present for my teacher. Spend some days and nights and when I turned of my computer after saving the file next day I got this message “error reading LayOut file”.
please help me, Elin

Hi Elin,

See if this recent discussion is helpful… Not a new topic, but new problem for me

If you can upload your file to this thread that would nice so folks can take a look at things.

Yes, definitely share the document if you can.

Hi Jim
Sorry but how do I upload my file?

Click on the upload icon that appear on the reply tool bar.

Thanks, I have one problem now , it say to me that the file is to big and I have to share it on other ways. How can I do this on the easiest way?

Upload to Drop Box and share the link.

I hope this will work

Did you got you problem solved?

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