Entering Dimensions wow, now i just have to enter random text so that the topic is 'unique'

In my whole life since I started learning about shapes and grids, left to right has always been ‘X’ and listed first, up and down has been ‘Y’ and listed second.

This arrangement seems to change randomly in sketchup.

I draw rectangles over and over again trying to figure out which of the two numbers I type sketchup will make vertical and which it will make horizontal.

It’s actually getting faster to ignore and then just rotate the wrong ones.

Can anyone please explain this to me? Is there a way to specifically enter dimension so they have a deterministic meaning?

Thanks in advance for any enlightenment.

See this page of the User Guide.
There is a breakout box that explains how to enter absolute and relative coordinates.

I think this type of info could do with reinforcing the axis priority?

ex. add [x,y,z] or better yet [red, green, blue]

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When drawing a rectangle of specific dimensions…

Simply overaccentuate the length in the desired direction.
With that, a quick glance at the Measurements Box tells you which dimension to type first.

Keep in mind there’s no harm in the oversize rectangle touching other geometry during the operation.
The new rectangle geometry doesn’t meld with existing geometry until you exit the tool.