Embed code problem


Hello ,
i implemented the 3d viewer embed code to my site . and we need the camera views to present the model. But the camera views are hidden under an arrow at the left corner… no one will see it. is there a way to bring the camera views menu open?



People will however see the arrow… but maybe it’s not clear for them to click it? If you are asking for a way to show the scenes list by default, the embed code unfortunately neither supports parameters, nor is there yet a public API to interact with the viewer. But this could be a feature request.

What you can do is:
• indicate to your site visitors to click the arrow
• or use a different, programmable 3d viewer like http://threejs.org


I filed a feature request to make this more prominent, or perhaps a toggle to give the option to keep it on screen. Do you want to open in animation mode, or just give them the chance to step through the scenes manually?


I can picture a LayOut curvy arrow png pointing at it.