Electron app extension

Im having some problems to connect my electron app to the sketchup extension through an IPC. Any leads on how to do that?

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I have no idea about your question, but sure the SketchUp Free (web) - as you stated in your profile - does not allow to use any extension. Anyway, the web app is version-less (always actual), and I don’t know any person who have such an operating system and graphic card that you have.

Sketchup web doesn’t allows to install extensions, only in the pro and studio version you can do it, also your profile information must be corrected, 2022 isn’t an operative system and Mac isn’t a graphics card.

@francisquitof, thanks for the “translation”… I’m always happy when someone interprets it correctly. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :beers:

Im using Sketchup pro, and both the extension and the electron app are already created, but I need to connect them using named pipes, and my problem is I dont know how to call the named pipes referred in the typescript electron app from the ruby extension script.

Thanks for clarifying, and updating your profile. :+1: Now I moved again your topic to Ruby API category, which seems more relevant.

( Again, I don’t now about “typescript electron app” but if it is similar than JavaScript that can be an idea to use JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) for data interchange. )

Pipes do work well on MacOS, but not well on Windows platform because of the way that SketchUp “steals” standard IO for it’s own Ruby Console.

If you are only going to run your extension and app on Mac, then look at:

If you also need to run on Windows platform you will need an alternative. Sockets, a local server, or write output to a file and have SketchUp Ruby read the file.

See previous discussion on pipes and IO from external processes:

Never used named pipes with Ruby, on any platform. I’ve used various sockets with SketchUp, but not named pipes.

Re Windows and named pipes, see:

I haven’t used it.

I’ve wonder it before; should SketchUp include the ffi gem in its Ruby files?