Opening and closing sketchup using command line prompts

Hi, I am trying to automate a process where a worker computer will be able to open SketchUp with a blank template, run a ruby script in my extension, save the file, and then close Sketchup.

I already have an extension to render a retaining wall design using a ruby script. Currently I have people taking the ruby script I provide and then having them render the retaining wall within Sketchup

The goal is to be able to generate a sketchup file of the rendered retaining wall because the Sketchup web version does not support extensions. I want to avoid having people needing to have Pro or Make versions on their computer just to run the extension.

Any help or different options to try would be greatly appreciated!


This doesn’t make much sense. A person must run a desktop edition of SketchUp in order to run extensions locally.

You should review the EULA (link in the About dialog) because YOUR license to use the software does not extend to other users. Ie, other users cannot connect to your computer to run SketchUp.
(Now, they just this release, added a variance that allows YOU to connect remotely to YOUR computer to run SketchUp. Prior to this it wasn’t allowed.)

From a system command file use command line arguments. See @thomthom 's blog post:

… and then from within the Ruby extension: