Electrical components

Is there a place to fine electrical components like Squire D panels. I’m new also is there a way to draw this type of image.
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You could look in the 3D Warehouse for those sorts of components. The wires and flexible conduits would be modeled by hand.

Your profile says you are using SketchUp Free (web) so presumably this is a hobby thing. You can export a png image file from SketchUp Free and then use something like Word to add the text and callouts.

If you upgrade to SketchUp Pro the modeling could be made easier with the use of extensions and you’ve have LayOut for creating the text and callouts.

to follow-up with what Dave said - i’d use powerpoint or google slides instead of word or docs because the overlays in the presentation products are much better than in a word processor / editor (their embedded drawing tools are usually not good enough either…), and then you can export images etc from the slides to include in other formats (like word, docs, web etc). the other things is adding additional lines, boxes, etc plus shadows, transparencies etc.

Yes, Glenn makes a good suggestion regarding what to use to add the overlaid callouts and stuff.

FWIW, there are some 3D CAD resources out there that can be used with SketchUp Pro, too. I just made a SketchUp model from a STEP file I downloaded from a supplier’s site. It’s excessively detailed but it could be simplified for the way it appears you’d use it. This was just the first one I came across.

And if you learn how to use SketchUp first, you can model these sorts of things for yourself without any trouble.

So sketch up pro to make diagrams, like this would be better than using coral draw?

SketchUp would be better if you want to make 3D models from which you can make illustrations like the one you showed. You can easily adjust the view of the model and move the elements to show what you want to communicate. Very simple to swap out parts to make other illustrations if needed, too.

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