Editing extruded shapes

I am wondering if it is possible to edit extruded shapes that have been formed by welding lines together.

Here is a drawing showing two apparently identical pipes. The left hand one uses a guideline that was welded to form a single entity. The other did not use Weld before hand. You can see the difference as there is no seam to the first one at the elbow and if you select the curved surface, it is all one.

Pipes.skp (190.0 KB)

The method using Weld is often proposed on this forum and does have some advantages. However, it does not seem easy when you want to edit the model, say by shortening or lengthening the shorter leg. Easy to do on the right hand version but I don’t know how you would do it on the left. Any suggestions?

Turn on hidden geometry.

You can unsmooth the edges at the corner. You ought to be able to edit the length of either by moving the circular end face.

I couldn’t select the end face, even with Hidden Geometry turned on.

Works for me.

I must try harder.