Editing and purging materials

Hi, I am working on Sketchup 2020 (Mac) and when I edit a material it does not change in the model unless I reapply it with the paint bucket. I watched several tutorials and don’t know what I do wrong. My second problem is that I can’t purge my unused materials. Nothing happend when I click purge unused.

Are you editing the In Model material or trying to edit the one in the materials collection it came from?

Most likely that’s because you have some unused component(s) that use those materials. Purge unused components before purging unused materials.

I’ve also seen cases where a material was used on edges in the model. With the style set to display edges as “All the same” the edge materials don’t show so it looks like they aren’t being used. If that’s your situation you could use CleanUp3 to remove edge materials. Then have it purge unused.

Thanks, Dave! The Cleanup3 helped. I still have more materials than I think I should but at least some are gone. I am editing the materials in the model. Example I change the size from 2’ to 1’ but nothing changes unless I reapply it.