Edddison for sketchup - mixed-reality for your design decisions

Hey guys!

I just wanted to introduce you to our new mixed-reality-software “edddison for sketchup”, which let´s you interact with your 3D-Files in a completely new way!

You can either use your tablet or build an edddison presentation table to let your customers interact with your 3D-Files, make design decisions on the fly or stun during an conference!

A short video on how it works:

Sketchucation article:

Sketchupvideo did a short about us too:

Edddison with an IKEA-Lamp :smile:

Our Trials can be found on http://www.edddison.com

Me personally, i am actually using it to navigate through my sketchup-models instead of a space mouse. Just have the tablet next to you on the table and tap wherever you want to go in your model without scrolling around!

We are also looking for People/Firms in the Business of Architecture, Visualisation and Scenography to cooperate! If you are interested just contact us!

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We just released a new video about the App-Handling on Android and iOS! Enjoy!

Apps are available for free in the Stores, Software as 14-Day-Trial on www.edddison.com !
We would love to hear your Feedback!