Dynamic Components - Resize inset panel

Simple question,

I have a dynamic block, all working fine, but I am trying to do a ‘hidden’ code with an IF command. I have done multiple if commands, but in this instance, it’s my first value selected initially from a list.



Block 1 in created one level up, Assem1=Block1

Any help welcome

My code is this,


however after clicking enter it changes to this

# =if(Floor=floor, 1.0,0.0)

Bold showing red colour*

On the list, I have also changed the value to say the same, and I have also tried numbers

floor is a math function - floor(). so maybe something like =(Frame!CabType=“Floor”) which will yield true or false (if you don’t need it as part of another statement)

Didnt work. I tried different values, here is the list.

Screenshot 2023-09-12 at 08.49.22

I got it to work, changing the text to a be a number in the value column