Multiple If Commands not working

I have a simple code that isn’t working correctly

I have a code that if a dimension goes above a certain value lets say 120 it will un-hide. However when I tell a different value to be zero, I want it to override.

=if(Base In Frame Cabinet Carcass!Doors=0,True, if(Base In Frame Cabinet Carcass!Height_FFL>120,False,True))

I have a Height_FFL of 160, so the answer appears true, but the component does not hide?

To make it easier to follow.

  1. = IF (CAB=4,LenX,LenY)
  2. = IF (FAB=1,LenB,LenY)

These are the two, I need to cover all 4 options,

if 1 correct = LenX
if 2 correct = LenB
if 1 & 2 Correct = LenC
If 1 and 2 not correct - LenY

Can this be done?

idk that much. but as I know, to hide value should be true, so
=if(Base In Frame Cabinet Carcass!Doors=0,True, if(Base In Frame Cabinet Carcass!Height_FFL>120,true,false))
true and false will be change.

This may seem a complex method to get it to work, what I did in the end was create a new value, lets call it Total

CAB & FAB have their own values, and their totals relate to what I need, hopefully this makes sense

so I had a code for total:

Total = CAB + FAB

Then for the code in a another value called is LenCode

I wrote a multiple if code.


Hope this makes sense. it works well