Dynamic Components - ERROR: Expected ')' @[1]

Hi guys,

I have been drawing a lot of dynamic components and now I put them in Components tray. But every time I drag the item to drawing area, when the Component Options is active, it gives error message: ERROR: Expected ‘)’ @[1] and I have to click “OK”, then next messsage is: N classifier date returned. All the list in the Dynamic Options also disappear.

That error message disappears (and the list in the Dynamic Options reappear) if I explode the item, but I don’t want to have to explode items every time I drag an item…! I believe it’s not the right way to do :frowning:

Does anyone can help with this?

Your help will be highly appreciated :smile:



could you upload some?

Hi pcmoor,

Thanks for your email.

I finally found the solution from this step-by-step tutorial:

Apparently we can’t upload dynamic components directly from the file; we have to open the file, right-click on the dynamic component to bring up the context menu and click on Save As (Scene 5 on the tutorial).