Dyn. Component Formula for (net) Volume/Area

Hi SKP-Community,
i want to generate reports with SKP 2019.

The report should get the infos also from “dyn. components”,
i want to have all info, depending to the axis of my dyn. component.

Lenght = X-Axis of dyn. component
Area = XZ-Axis of dyn. component
Volume = XYZ of dyn. component

Areas and Volumes as: gross and net!

volume gross = volume of the bounding box (is doable with formula “=lenXlenYlenZ”)
volume net = volume like SKP shows in element info box (object without holes, subtractions)
area gross = area XZ relative to the bounding box
area net = area SKP shows, if you click on a face

is there a formula to calculate the (net) volume/area of an dyn. component with holes/subtractions?

i can’t calculate “=lenxlenylenz” for volume, because the holes/subtractions of the
dyn. component aren’ considered with this formula.

maybe i can get the (net) volume from there (via formula).
like: e.g. =volumeobject or =areaobject

i’m also interested in a formula for the (net) area of an object
directed in XZ (to component axis).

Is something possible?


to get areas use facearea in dynamic component with a selected color (can be very faint if required)
facearea returns sq inches, so convert as shown in example

volume is already part of report

area and volume.skp (92.6 KB)


Hi pcmoor,

thnx for your reply, this is a big help.
i think about how i can implement it in my template.

yes you are right, that volume is part of the report,
but it would be nice, if it is directly accessible for dyn. components.

Greetings and happy weekend.

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