Drawing rectangles; mirrored starting point


Following on from the “Double Line” request, I have found a couple of times that it would be really handy if the rectangle I was drawing would take the starting ‘click’ to be the mid-point of the rectangle:

Click to start, then holding [ctrl] would mirror the drag on the x axis and [shift] wold mirror it on the y axis, Holding both would mirror in both and make the starting click the centre-point of the rectangle. (Kind of like the scale tool does)

Typed in numbers to define the x and y would centre the rectangle on the relevant axis.

(Perhaps if a rectangle was created this way “Guideline points” could also be placed at the mid-points of the lines that intersect the mirror line - giving an easy “snap point” for future geometry)


You do realize that SHIFT is used to lock the current inference ?

Have you tried using the polygon tool with 4 sides ?


Personally I prefer to use the arrow keys to lock the axis - means I don’t have to waggle the mouse about to find the inference first. hmmmm… actually…
Feature request - I would like an option to make the arrow keys work relative to the current view; lock the interface to the closest red or green axis. And for [shift] to lock the current line rather than having to lock an interface line. (I’ll make a new post with pictures shortly.)

Polygon with 4 sides… interesting concept; that only draws a square from the centre with [ctrl] jumping between edge and corner. Not quite a rectangle (still involves a lot of deleting and stretching to get the desired result) but might be useful.


Yes, at this time the PolygonTool only creates regular polygons, not irregular ones.