Drawing on top of a picture



I’m not sure how to explain this but i’m helping my wife creating/drawing the outlining of en ant that she found on google, she needs to copy the outlining of the ant so that she can colour it with the colour she is using in her workshop (she started on an education called “bygningsmaler” i danish not sure for the english word for that one, but shes gonna paint houses). But thats a side track, is there anyway that i can easily copy the lining of this picture?

Regards JT


Generally it would involve importing the image as an image and then using the basic drawing tools to trace the outline. When I have to do this, I temporarily change the edge color to something that makes the drawn edges stand out and I set Profiles to something heavier than 1. Typically 3 or 4.

Depending on the image, it might be possible to get an extension to do at least some of the work. If you share the image, we can give better information.


This bezier curve extension is great for tracing curvy pictures.

I think you need to download the extension store to download the bezier curve extension.

On Mac, you can just drag-n-drop a picture into SketchUp.