Drawing Arabian Arches

How would I draw an arabian style arch?

Do you have an image?

Do you mean something like this?


What tools are you using and what measurements, please?

Can’t speak to the measurements, but: line tool; draw bezier spline; rotate copy

Your question as posed is ambiguous as to whether you seek information about the design of arches or the use of SU. Who even knows what you mean by the term “arabian-style arch”? I look in Google Images under “arabian style arch” and I see round arches, pointed arches, onion-shaped arches like Box demonstrated, and so on.

Or do you just want to know how to draw a curve? Or an ess-curve? Or which tool to use? Or how to use it? With all these possible interepretations to your question, clearly it would be difficult to give you exactly the information you require without a lot of guessing, assumptions, and wasted effort, since it is still not certain what information you require.

And really, if your question comes down to “what tools are used to draw a curve?” and “how do they work?” you should probably take a time-out from your projrect and put yourself through some intensive self-training in the SU interface and toolset using the ample available training resources.

When you finally do have a question that requires a discussion or expert judgment, please ask the question with the same care and precision you expect in the answer.