Draw linework without shape finder


Is there a way to draw linework in SketchUp without producing the 2D area that fills each shape?

I’m tracing a detailed architectural floor plan and would rather not delete each individual surface manually.


Switch the Face Style to Wireframe.

And choose the right tool for the job.
How are you tracing the plan?

That will only hide the faces but not keep them from forming.

How about starting with a single large rectangular face to be used as a “tracing paper”, instead of fighting the system unnecessarily? Tracing your edges on an existing surface will help in keeping the lines “2D” thanks to the “on face” inferencing.

Also, as SketchUp doesn’t support line weights, the only way to get thick and thin lines is to exploit the Profiles style setting: standalone edges or lines that form a free edge of a face can be made to display and print thicker than edges that divide a face in two.


[quote=“Anssi, post:4, topic:21949”]
That will only hide the faces but not keep them from forming.[/quote]

True. But it will allow him to trace the lines of his imported image without masking the image. At some point he’s going to want the faces anyway so he can take the model 3D.