Draw in Layout with exact dimensions, instead of scaled ones

I make highly detailed 3D Sketchup documents, but I have to draw specific things in Layout that I can’t in Sketchup.

I suggest there would be an option to draw instance on a specific scale.

Now I have to do the math myself, for example, a 2x2m rectangle on a scale 1:50 would be 40x40 within Layout dimensions. That’s not so hard, but 2.96x3.78m is…

I would like to see a standrad scale option, so all the dimensions in Layout can be the exact real dimensions instead of the scaled ones.

I too think something like this would be a good idea.
A toggle where we can switch the input units to a set scale.
In general I think the 2D drafting tools need a massive overhaul to bring the up to a more usable standard.
Less Adobe Illustrator more Autocad.

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I am surprised this is not mentioned more often - Heaven knows why they didn’t keep the same as SketchUp!

I want to resize as rectangle in layout and the only options I get is scale factors??? seriously ???

I have a rectangle 25mm x 60mm in layout

I want to change it to 30mm x 55mm

how do I do it in LO? scaling factors ?

Why isnt it just like SU???

eg select and edge, move the cursor in the direction of interest and type in your dimension?

SIGH! every time I venture into LO these really dumb things send me back to Powerpoint for presentation

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Thanks Dave - I hope Trimble pays you :slight_smile:

Nevertheless, it still highlights my frustration

1] I could not find any “help” on trimbles documentation regarding this [ I did look before going to the forum]

2] It is not the same methodology as SU, in SU you aim and type you distance - in LO you have to aim , fix an arbitrary distance with a mouse click and then correct /overide it with the dimension you really want

3] why does it default to showing scale factors? surely 99% of editing refers to real dimensions

Nevertheless you quick help is much appreciated


I just started moving the handle, let go of the mouse and type. I didn’t click to set an arbitrary distance. Same process as using the Scale tool in SketchUp.

I don’t know. The Scale tool in SketchUp does the same thing.