Draw a canopy and dome

how i can draw a canopy as well as dome in sketch up.

What shape do you want for your canopy? Have you a picture?

And is the dome just a hemisphere, or a Russian style ‘onion dome’?


2.Its Hemisphere type but i want that i put a desire height and diameter to draw the dome.

3.Kindly also guide how to draw the pyramid.



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For the half-cone canopy, use FollowMe like the first example, but use a triangle rather than an arc for the face to sweep, and only go round a half circle.

Alternatively, try the SU Draw Parametric Shapes plugin from the SketchUcation plugin store.

very thanks for this regard.

Now i can calculate the surface area and volume of a pyramid, but cannot calculate surface area of a dome and volume.

kindly guide me…

For surface area select the surface and the area will be displayed in the entity info box. For volume select the entire entity and make a group / component and the volume will display in the entity info box. you may need to clean up some stray geometry for the volume.

And do you want the volume of the skin of the dome, or the volume if it were a solid hemisphere?

Yes, when it is solid dome.

I try my best, but after selection there is no area displayed in the entity box.

You need to have made the geometry into a component or group, then highlight the surface (Edit/Component first) whose area you want to know. The area will then show in Entity Info.

When I download it and install it gives the attached message as shown in image.

It’s hard to read your screenshot on my phone.

If you are concerned that it is Unsigned, don’t be. Many plugins are. Unless you have set a strict security policy in SU, you shouldn’t have a problem with that.

If there is some other message that concerns you,
what is it?

how to increase the segments of a dome or circle as attached image.

mean its edges are smooth.

[quote=“EngrSaleem, post:1, topic:42753, full:true”]

because it gives the incorrect area during the calculation of surface area.

when i calculate to check the surface area with manual method it gives some error.

So i want that when i draw a circle it could be draw without segments means smooth.

When you select the Circle tool, type a number and press the Enter key. Like, 50 Enter. That would set the circle to have 50 sides instead of 20. You can set it higher too if it’s not smooth enough.

Same with the arc tool. When you select that type a number and enter again. I tried with 100 for each, and the dome is very smooth, but the Follow Me tool step takes a few seconds to happen.

You might try this approach (as @colin suggested, use more segments) :

I’d recommend making the number a multiple of 4, 6 or 12 so you can get clean alignments with common angles like 15°, 30°, 45° or 60°.

could not play.

can i calculate the area with precisely.

if i set the 50 sides then same problem, area is not as accurate as calculate by manual method.