Downloading trial copy

Started working with SketchUp web version last night. Want to start free trial. Following directions (Installing and Activating SU 2021 - YouTube ) but download not happening. Not able to get through to phone support and not getting callback.

Please help.


Are you wanting to give SketchUp 2021 Pro a try? I just went to and clicked on the download button and the installer downloaded right away.

Did you try that? Remember when you go to install it to right click on the installer and choose Run as administrator to get it installed correctly.

Where did you come from DaveR? Are you for real or a robot? This was amazing!!
(Also, this is the first application I’ve ever allowed to send me a notification–but apparently that didn’t come through. Does the forum do email notifications as well?)

Thank you! Am downloading right now!!

No. I’m not a robot. I was born in a hospital so I could be close to my mother.

You can set up the forum to send you e-mail notifications of replies. In my experience it can sometimes be a little slow to send those notifications. I generally leave the forum open in a browser tab. I think you’ll find that most of the time you’ll get a response to your questions pretty quickly so you might not want to leave the forum quite so soon after posting.

The forum is the only thing sending you email notifications. SketchUp software itself isn’t connected to this forum.