Don't know how to close the surface on uneven line of rock

This is the inspiration:

And here is my sketchup model that is uneven, I don’t know how to close the gap on uneven surface line. Help

You could stitch the vertices with the Line tool. Or you might be able to use Curviloft to create the surfaces.

Stitch vertices like what?
Also, I tried to use push + ctrl to overcome the uneven surface but still none covered the surface on things I paint with red

Upload the .skp file so I can show you.

Untitled.skp (345.5 KB)

Like this.

Untitled.skp (367.7 KB)

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Like Dave said.


a neat trick when modeling stuff is to make it like it actually is.

here, the uneven surface is actually a slice of wood, the uneven surface of it.

First step, using the Sandbox tools, I make a big area. this will be my uneven surface.

It’s late, I’m tired, it’s gonna be a bit crappy, a finer grid would give you way smoother result.

Then, top view, I copy / paste slices of it on the side. Here I choose 3 columns. at this point I would smoothen the slices. basically I used a table saw to slice my log.

to make it solid, simply draw vertical lines from each of the 4 corners (to the same level), then close the faces. and group. Good thing is, you can easily make the wooden part longer with a simple pushpull of the underface.


to make the middle part, I’m using solid tools. I copied my 2 pieces of wood on the side, added a big parallelepiped with the same thickness, subtracted the side pieces, then applied materials.

both are solids.

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Woah! Thanks bro! This really helps me a lot!

But it’s kinda hard to find the spot. Any tricks?

Go to the Styles panel and edit the edge settings. Turn on Endpoints.


Ah that’s quite helpful, thanks masta!

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