Does the Web Version have a 3D text button/option available for the toolbar?

I cannot find out where to locate/add or even see if the 3D text tool button is available for the web version of Sketchup Pro. It is VERY different from the desktop version I also have.

3D text is in the group of tools with Dimensions.

It has the text box with arrow option, but not the 3D text option that I can find there.

I was doing it from memory. It used to be there. It’s in the group with the Rectangle tool.

You are awesome, I never would have expected it there. Thanks!

Happy to help.

I didn’t know it had been moved but it makes more sense there since it’s actually creating geometry.

I almost never use 3D Text so hadn’t noticed the change.

One interesting thing is that 3D Text can’t be found with the search feature. We’re creating a bug report for that to be corrected.