Does sketchup increase file size for each model you subdivide in the same file?

I was doing some subdivision modeling for my interior models I modeled 12 of them in an order and then I subdivided them and then softened,cleaned them up but I noticed after saving each file separately the file size was increasing like from 200kb to 3mb even though the models are very similar can someone explain what happened was this normal?:man_shrugging:t5:

Every edge and face you create adds to the file size so yes, subdividing the mesh will increase file size. And yes, this is normal.

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A best practice tip…

If any of the items/objects in your model are identical, be sure to make the object a component and use copies of that component in the model. This will maintain performance as well as allow for more efficient editing.



Purge your models and check file sizes again after saving them!

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Let me try

I get it now❤️