Does my computer need updating?


I was wondering if someone can look at the spec of my computer & tell me if its adequate. I haven’t got a clue other than its running VERY slow on not that large models & even slower using Enscape. Not sure if its my computer or my models are the problem. I don’t think my models are complicated but I’m new to this so not sure.

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You need to give us more information about the computer you have, and upload one or two example models.

For example, what is the processor, how much main memory have you installed, what model of graphics card, and how much memory has that card.

Otherwise, no one can give you a meaningful answer.

It’s likely your graphic card. Even the higher ATI’s only have 1Gb memory. Ideally you get one with 4Gb memory or more in a GTX or RTX. Mine has 24Gb.

I take that back, I guess the newer 9800 does have 4Gb, but we don’t know which one you have.

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How old is your computer? The graphics card model seems to be at least 10 years old (you don’t tell the exact model number). If the computer is about the same vintage, upgrading it might not be very feasible. Upgrading the graphics card might lead to the need of a new, bigger power supply, etc.

Hi all…so ive googled how to find this info (sorry always had an i.t department to sort this stuff ) Ive inherited my computer as part of my redundancy package through work …I am not sure on its age…maybe 2014??? I really dont want to get a new one if I can avoid it as ill have to buy all my software again like autocad too.

Processor-Intel(R) Core™ i7-4770 CPU @ 3.40GHz 3.40 GHz
Ram- 16.0 gb
system type-64-bit operating system, x64-based processor
Graphics card -NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1050 Ti (upto date) sorry not sure how to get the graphics card memory.
Do you need any more info?
should sketchup & enscape work ok with this? what would make it run better if not? Is it just the graphics card?

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The motherboard (where the processor and system Ram is based) is probably not gonna handle the latest processor (yours is a 4th generation which was not supported anymore since 2017) and newer, faster Ram.
Since you indicated that you’re not that tech savy, I would recommend that ‘leaving as is’.
The 2Gb 1050 graphic card would still be ok for modelling, but for Enscape, the minimum is 4Gb as @Sonder suggested.
Btw. the minimum for VR is 8gb and a fast internetadaptor, which is usually soldered on the motherboard.

Best shot is to get hold of a 1080t, it’s no use spending $ trying to get a newer card getting to work right on your system.

Depending of which software you ‘own’ and how much advantage or revenue you’ll get out of it, I would suggest buying a more modern machine, next to the old if you still need that other software that is probably tied to the machine itself.

For instance, if the company had licenses for SketchUp (which version?) and Enscape activated on that old machine, you’ll probably won’t be able to port those to the new machine unless you have the proper activation info of that software.
Same goes for Autodesk products (which version?)
They all went to subscription based activation.

What is your intend? Use professional?

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Please correct your profile to reflect the latest info you posted. I based my earlier post to your profile.
I think your configuration should be passable for small and medium models. Upgrading might in practice amount to getting a new computer. Getting an up to date high-end PC would result to a noticeable boost to performance, but nothing mind-shattering.