Discounts for people with disabilities (on a limited income)



I am curious if SketchUp Pro has any types of programs that assist people with disabilities purchase SketchUp Pro to help them become employable. My education background is in residential construction, and I would like to use SketchUp Pro to assist me in my endeavors. People who receive Social Security Income (SSI) have documentation to prove their SSI status, and if needed, their education.

Thank you!


You should contact SketchUp Sales directly with that question.


I have e-mailed sales with that inquiry. They urged me to put the topic on the forum.

Thanks Dave!


That’s interesting. No one here on the forum has any authority to grant discounts.


Hello @momog,

The sales representative who responded to your inquiry misinformed you. As @DaveR correctly pointed out, forum members have no authority to provide discounts, and no ability to offer information pertaining to such things.

Possibly an individual in management (or perhaps a member of the SketchUp Team) can assist in this regard. To that end, I am pinging several SU Team members privately in the hope that they agree with me, that yours is a worthwhile cause and just maybe some consideration can be made available in your case. While you are waiting for further evaluation on this subject, you should forward your contact email address to me by Private Message. (Please do not post your private email info on the public Forum.) I will, in turn, ensure that your email info is provided to the SU Team members that I reached out to on your behalf. This will facilitate them getting in touch with you directly.

To send me a Private Message (PM), just click my avatar and then hit the blue Message box that will appear.