Different surface designs on one surface

Good day,
I work in the solar industry as a project manager and for this I would like to create a solar module, which basically should be quite simple to use for design.
The structure is a rectangle in 3D the dimensions are 1722mm x 1134mm x 30mm.
Now I would like to create different surface structures on one surface for the build message, string diagram and a simple module layout. Can I add multiple photos or materials to a surface and tag it to show and hide it? Can I lock the surfaces of the construction message and module layout so they can’t be changed?
Thanks for your input and help.

Do you have an image of what you want to create?


Maybe, but it depends.

This has to be one rectangel, but i dont know how to build this in one surface

the red and the black one have to be locked and the other one has to be changeable.

Create the various parts as groups or components and assign them Tags, then turn the tags on and off as necessary.

Thanks a lot for the good suggestion. Now I have only one problem.
When I import this into a plan, I can not color the area from the lowest module, because they are grouped and therefore no longer colorable. Do I need to create components? I don’t know much about this function yet.

You need to open the group or component for editing in order to add materials. You should be applying materials to the faces inside the groups/components.

Since this is a thing you’ll want to reuse, you should make it a component and save it into a local collection. Set the component’s axes to make it simple to insert and place from the Components panel.

Thank You, i did it like you said, but it came an other problem. When i want to make the Stringplan, i can’t paint the surface of the modul. Do you have some tipps for me?

For each module type I have created a group and a group in which all 3 different module types are together, so that when I copy or move the modules all 3 are moved along.

When I make these groups and want to create the string diagram with different colors, I can not colorize the surface.

I have tried a lot but without success.

With the components I have so far unfortunately no experience and do not know how I can use this correctly.

PV-M_BF 1767x1041x35.skp (70.9 KB)

What is a “Stringplan”?

You seem to have excessive nesting in this object. You’ve applied different materials to the groups and then to the faces. In the case of your scene called “String- & …” you have the Edge color set to By Axis, You also have Z-fighting where two faces are sharing the exact same location. One of those faces is showing the back face color. This is with the face style set to Monochrome.

Select the various entities in your model and you can see the material that is applied to them in Entity Info.

Note that materials applied to faces and edges override materials applied to group containers.

I think it would be a good idea for you to go through the tutorials at learn.sketchup.com

If you want to have different materials assigned to one object, you should look at dynamic components
Here is tutorial:

Unfortunatly (for you) polish.