Dialog showing loading similar to export dialog

Hi All,
How can I create a dialog/alert box like the one which is shown when we export the model ?
When the dialog is visible user cannot take any action in Sketchup without dismiss the dialog.

Is UI.savepanel what you are looking for?

I am looking for a dialog where i can show loading progress

A modal HTML dialog with a progress tag maybe?

what are you ‘loading’?

any progress indicator will add overhead and slow the loading down…


That’s true, but it doesn’t feel so long if you can see the program is working. You’ll be less likely to force-quit it if you can see it is working.

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I want to upload the sketchup model to amazon server.

have you got the upload working?

how long does it take?

I assume your using the ruby gem, which blocks the main ruby…

if it’s not working at all…

I would look at using the NodeJS SDK for AWS and run it in a HtmlDialog…

if you upload a locally saved copy then you don’t need to block the main ruby process…

and Node can provide the Progress bar…


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Upload is working but in some cases when model is say 40MB , compressed to 20MB takes time and hangs Sketchup.
I am using the ruby gem.
I will look into using NodeJS SDK for AWS.

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