Detection of a text inside a textstring or error detection

Hi there,

is it possible to detect if a string contains another string?
I now the function find(findtext, text, position) that returns a position of “findtext” inside of “text”.
But if the “text” doesn’t contain “findtext” it returns an error. Can I get a value like

IFERROR = 1, else = 0?

Thanks in advance…

add the text to the string and include a limit based on the length of the original string

Help returning FALSE rather then an error when using FIND function - SketchUp / Dynamic Components - SketchUp Community

so if(position<=len(orginal_string), do this, do nothing)
or if(position<=len(orginal_string),true, false)
or if(position<=len(orginal_string),1, 0)

a positive number is true, a number<=0 is false