Designing Composite Tooling from a surface in a drawing

I am an experienced aerospace composites specialist. I was on the Boeing 787 team and participated in some of its manufacturability details. I know how aerospace tooling is currently designed and built.

I have an idea for an extension to Sketchup [or CATIA or Autocad, etc etc] … for designing and building composite tooling, and am pitching it to CAD drawing vendors. We have to sign Non disclosure to talk about it, unless i decide to let it go open source. I have a mentor for that path.

I have perused and played with Sketchup enuf to be confident you havent done this idea yet. It is somewhat complex. And yet automate-able.

How do we get started with discussing this innovation?

I could not figure out how to introduce myself … maybe coz Im on my phone. Travelling. I have a lot of interesting experience. Much of it innovation.

Maybe it would be useful to define what SketchUp would need to do to support your extension - ex. dynamic simulation/stress analysis of designed forms of whatever the material is?

I am wondering if the new SketchUp extension, SubD written by @tt_su may be re purposed or help in some way towards developing your extension.


Is it along the lines of Stratasys tooling processes?