Delete on the Home Screen?

Is there a reason ‘delete’ seems to have disappeared? I’m sure it’s an obvious answer, but I can’t find a way to get rid of old projects or files I made just to test something.

Is it possible you have scaled your text larger and it’s not fitting in the space available?

Where would I have changed it? I don’t see anything in the settings (I really looked this time, lol). I went into system settings and changed the display font to the minimum size and that didn’t change anything either.

I think @Box was referring to the display scale settings in Windows. SketchUp becomes wonky if you go above 150%.
Did you restart SketchUp after changing the settings?

No, it’s an Ipad we are talking about.
I just thought if the text was too big and the text box size restricted like they seem to so, it may not fit.

I’m on an iPad, not Windows. But the iPad has a display font size setting as well and I changed it. Okay, now I can see the choice for delete once I changed the font size to the minimum and swiped the app up to restart from scratch, but now the font size is so small in all of my other apps that they’re hard to read. I shouldn’t have to make the font size THAT small to see all of the menu items. Any other solutions?

You may only need to go a bit smaller and restart. Not the minimum.

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But now SketchUp is dictating the size of my text across the whole system. I LIKE my text this size. Here are two pictures with the text size at minimum and then in the middle (my preferred size - not the largest, just medium). It will show delete at the second to smallest size, but that makes the text in my other apps smaller as well, smaller than I prefer. I suppose I could just temporarily set it to the smallest size when I want to delete something, but this seems like a bug they should fix.

What version of SketchUp for iPad are you running? Here’s what I see (dark mode) in 6.4.3

It must be the current version, I have a recent iPad (M2 iPad Pro) and when I go to SketchUp in the App Store, there’s no update button. EDIT - restarted and checked - 6.4.3.

Click the little SketchUp icon at the bottom left of the screen. The ABOUT window will tell you the version.

Yes I restarted and checked - 6.4.3.

Huh! Did you change the system default font size (I haven’t)? Perhaps there is a bug of not handling font size correctly. Note that I am also seeing other choices you aren’t. BTW mine is a M1 iPad Air.

Under Display & Brightness there’s a choice for Text Size, and that’s what I’ve been messing with. I guess it’s not that big of a deal, I’ll just change the text size when I want to delete something (I just deleted a bunch when I discovered this workaround), but it seems like a bug that they might want to fix.

You get different options depending on where the file is saved, or unsaved.

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It’s a long shot, but what build number are you seeing in parens after 6.4.3? I have (2049). Also, what version of ipadOS? I have 17.4.1

Ah yes! If I open the menu for one with a SketchUp folder icon, I get this. But still not clipped…so it seems to be an oversight bug. The menu window didn’t resize to fit the contents. I wonder: can you scroll it?

No, tried scrolling, doesn’t work. I’m at 17.4.1 as well.

It’s very odd, I can’t replicate your problem, even by making the text largest and bold.

It’s really not worth worrying about it anymore. It’s annoying, but it’s not as if it affects my productivity or anything. Thanks for your help.