Default tray problems

Good morning. Had a question for the paint and color option.

There are two parts to the paint tool loading. Only one should be activate when applying a color. Each time the paint is applied the default tray changes position in the default tray to the bottom and then it needs to be adjusted in the original position because it is out of view. The two parts of the paint section reopens. I haven’t been able to remove the 2nd paint section. Only one part is needed. There was only one part of the paint section before it was mistakenly changed. Thanks for any help

I’ve done this before!
Click the little black and white thing in the top right of the top palette



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thanks, I’ll try that now. I assume it something I inadvertently mistakenly pushed on the keyboard and was mis-adjusted. And only needs to be corrected with the right switch. thanks

I found the keyboard option. And it removed the second paint pane/ Frame. It was a simple item that was a “Needle in a haystack” That could have taken hours. But thanks again for both of your great help !! the photo shows the removed extra paint section.


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FWIW, that secondary pane can be very useful when you have custom materials you want to save. Set one pane to In Moel and the other to the collection you want to save the material to and drag and drop the thumbnail from one to the other. Same thing in Styles and Components.

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Appreciate the suggestion. Other files and folders containing a lot of file data in Sketchup ( i.e. large landscape with a large variety of landmarks ) will definitely be useful with the 2nd frame or in an auxillery library kind of approach especially with numerous buildings and landmark features that will need a large variety of paint and tones. Thanks for that !!