Dashed lines

How do I make dashed or broken or dotted lines? Thank you for your help.

In SketchUp Free you can right click on an edge and use Divide to break it into a bunch of short segments. Then you can erase alternate segments.
Screenshot - 11_18_2023 , 11_30_19 AM

Instead of erasing the alternate edges you could hide them.

If you are wanting to show hidden features in your model, you can press K to turn on Back Edges.

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[K] by default is to show (toggle on/off) ‘Back Edges’, edges that are blocked by faces in the current view.

To show (toggle on/off) hidden geometry one should apply a different key combination, for me that is [Alt][x] as a shortcut.

I did write hidden features. That’s not the same as hidden geometry. Having a shortcut to show/hide Hidden Geometry is good but it won’t show hidden features like mortises in table legs.


Back Edges on:

Hidden Geometry on:

Excellent! Thank you so much for your time and thorough response.

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