Custom snapping (for native tools)

Hello, is it possible to make custom snapping with standard API to feed points to native SketchUp drawing tools (line, box etc…). There is new Trimble plugin ‘Trimble Scan Essentiels’ which is doing that but i cant find anything in API or other plugins that do this stuff, maybe its done not with public api. attaching GIF of snapping behaviour

No, hence the adjective “native” versus the adjective “custom”.

Any customization would need to be done in a custom tool that mimics the native tool’s basic functions.

so Trimble plugins are not considered to be custom? or what do You mean by that because in this case it affects ‘native’ functionality.

On the contrary, SketchUp extensions can create custom tools.
See the docs for the abstract class: Sketchup::Tool

Again, I will state the answer simply.

NO. SketchUp extensions CANNOT affect NATIVE SketchUp tools.

But an extension can create a custom tool, which might mimic the behavior of a native tool.
(Examples are custom Line Tool, Selection Tools, etc. The extensions by the SketchUp Team have several custom tool examples. Check it out.)

Also, there is no end user snap toggling control over the inferencing engine. All snaps are active at all times.

(There have been many requests over the years to allow users to toggle certain inference snaps on & off, much as Rhino allows. But Trimble’s development team has so far resisted such a feature.)