Current function problem

Hi everyone.
After couple of years of creating DCs i am having difficulties with using current function. It just doesn’t return current lenx on my right side of a cab after scale use… But the same pack of attributes work on left side like charm.
Any sugestions why is it happening and hiw to fix it?

does the current value update after a redraw? if so then perhaps a inserted scaler would work
otherwise upload the DC here or private

Hi @pcmoor ,
No it doesn’t. It alway gets same number . After scale it returns same number instead of the current value of lenx.
I will make a video to show you what it does.
I am using plugin ad dc function so i am not sure if you have it and the dc wouldnt work well if you don’t use it.
Thanks for replay

Okay but please attach model, even without the extension, the effect may give some clues