Crowd Sourced Conceptual Design

Hello all, I was wondering if there is a SketchUp group/community where others will actively help you brainstorm ideas for a project?

Example - I have a scale model of my home and have been playing with designs for a swimming pool/outdoor renovation. Is there a board where I could post my model and requirements and others could model away on it and submit their designs to see what ideas others have?

I’ve used pay services like Modsy recently for other projects, but wondering if this was a hobby for some people and if there was a board dedicated to it?

What’s in it for the others? Endless fame?

I imagine the fame would be pretty finite…

It is unlikely to find a group of people whose hobby is to brainstorm ideas for others without compensation.

If I were in your shoes, I’d look at lots of photos of swimming pools/outdoor renovations for inspiration, save the ones I liked and pass them onto a professional designer/3D modeler, with notes on which particular aspects of which particular images I liked, and have them come up with a design for me that fits my outdoor space. As a 3D modeler myself, that’s how I’ve often done work with clients looking for ideas for their renovations.

Houzz is a good way to explore what others have designed. If you are not familiar with Houzz, you may want to check it out. It has a very useful search and scrapbook functions, so collecting ideas for a specific project is relatively painless. As @xayzer suggests, looking at what others have done is one way to kick-start the design process.