Creation Solid from 3D Models

I have created a 3D city model and want to manage it into database and for that I need to make all my draws solid. Is there any way to make the draws solid one by one or completely ? Otherwise I think to export it somehow into Solidworks and rebuilt there again. Any suggestion ? Thanks.

It is possible to make the parts of your model solid but to tell you exactly how is impossible without seeing it.

Generally, though, if you need solids, you should be making the groups/components solid as you go instead of waiting to do it at the end.

When I tried to make a group/component and so import it into database, it doesn’t let to create spatial index. So, doesn’t understand as the component as a solid. (Oracle Spatial is the database that I use)

As I said, it’s impossible to tell you how to fix the groups or components to make them solid since we have no idea what causes them to be non-solid. Maybe you could share a component or two with us so we have some possibility of helping you?

part_14f.skp (110.8 KB)

I have many kind of buildings in many level of detail. It is one of the simpliest one I am not sure I could now upload it or not. I have highest ones, with balconies and windows and so on.

Models are consisting of all buildings and I need to insert into database the buildings like one by one and in the solid form to make on them some operations.

It is a part of more detailed one. part_18f.skp (881.1 KB)

Well, the first one won’t be solid because it has internal faces. Remove them and it should be solid.

The second one has all sorts of issues. The building itself has internal faces and edges shared by more than 2 faces. If The balcony rail component has a bunch of missing faces which will also prevent that component from being solid.

The simple requirement for a group or component to be solid is that they contain only edges and faces and that every edge is shared by exactly two faces. No more and no less. Nested components and groups will not be solid because they don’t meet the requirements.

Can you elaborate a little bit? How are you trying to import your model? Oracle Spatial has native support for importing CityGML files and creating the associated spatial indices. If importing it some other way, the tech-notes suggest you must manually create the spatial index table/entries yourself and link them to the imported data.

In the graphic below, the second image depicts what is typically associated with a SketchUp model … the missing “Semantics” in your model is likely causing the problem:

Yes, I know the concept of solid. But it is a building and consisting of floors. If I remove the internal faces this time it will be the lowest detail. I just want to fullfill insides like filling with water. Because for my type of study it is the only way interting solid geometries into database instead of multipoligonal faces which has not volume. I am supposed to create decomposition buildings taking some parts of some floors then into database.

Im using FME for import. From Sketchup to directly Oracle Spatial over Sql Developer

It would appear you need to make some sort of compromise if you need the groups and components in SketchUp to be shown as solid. There’s no way to change the requirements to make them solid.

Just out of curiosity, can you import this (very simple) building? faux_building.skp (127.3 KB)
If this doesn’t work, I think you will need to try something else: Also, perhaps you can try saving your model as a 2015 version?

Yes, I can import it using FME and in FME using SolidBuilder. I can make these imports with a whole building not inserting floors or while doing component of the floors. But it works one by one. I have big models consisting of a lot of details. I would like to realize a transformation of all model at once. For instance if it has 15 buildings inside (some of them have 10 floors, some has 3 floors, so on) When I imported, would like to see 15 solids.