Creating a plugin to export CSV without units

hi would anyone help me to create a plugin that would alowe me to export my model to program optimic.
it is a carpentry program that reads csv format and does all the calculating price and material for me. the sketchup attribute export is not good because it also writes units and i seems not to be able to get export without units.
i am looking for something similar as the cut list is but it is not exactly what i am looking for.
i will provide all the details and also the licence for optimic if nesesary.
thanks a mil

Just a question. Have you turned off units in model Info \ units?

yes I did and that’s why I tried to ask here for help. I think I can create a dynamic component with attributes needed for optimik to read but the mm is not allowed format.
but I think if there is one to write a script in ruby api to create the plugin that would do good to lot’s of woodworking pros. that program thoes a lot of job astimating cost or using stok .
I am using only the sketchup to design interiors for my customers and will never change that but if I create a kitchen I have to put every single piece of it again in optimik and that is a huge time lose. this two programs need to be able to work together.

Go to my website and email me from there. Also - can you provide an example of a csv file that optimik can import.

Oops missed the url