Creating a group from Slice

When I create group from a Slice it seems to be “stuck” to the section cut it is taken from.
I would like to be able to take the group and move it to another layer/location within the model but Skechup won’t allow me to. When I toggle the Section to off it also disappears.
I’ve tried exploding and regrouping, nothing seems to work.
I might be missing something but I just can’t solve this!
Thanks in advance.

I have recently had the same problem. The group from slice shows up in the outliner, but not in the model.

Do you have an example file? Which SU version are you using? I can’t repruduce this behaviour…

Hi Cotty

I’m using SketchUp Pro Ver 15.3.331 64-BIT

I’ve attached a sample view I just drawn.

ThanksCreate Group from Slice Example.skp (78.8 KB)


  • added a face
  • moved the group to another location
  • assigned a different layer
  • watched the group in the outliner

  • without any problem. Can you create a screenshot to show the problem?

Thanks for you help I’m not at work now but Upload a screen shot tomorrow.
Thanks again.

As far as i understood ur question i have made the solution is.

Just copy what u want to and open new and paste where u want to u will find no section cut or say its hidden or invisible. just click the section cut and click on the area where u think ur section. u will find 2 section orange color and gray color. click on the orange color section cut that’s new section cut. And reaming is the gray color that’s the old what u need.