Groups in Section Cuts

What exactly does “Create Group from Slice” in section cuts do?

I’m debating purchasing Skalp and was playing around, trying to mimic what it does. I expected that the “Create Group from Slice” would create a group of just this slice … so that I could then fill in the solid cross sections. But it doesn’t appear to do anything. I can not find the group that is created.

yes as you guessed. Open outliner and you will see the group as it is created, you can rename to suit. Skalp is much more than this and saves a lot of time, so if you are doing lots of sections on a professional basis it is worth it

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Another suggestion is; did you try TIG’s sectioncutface plugin? It creates sectioncuts just like group-from-slice but they are filled and you have a few additional options.

Best practice … Keep an eye on Entity Info as you model.
There, you’ll notice the Group created by Create Group from Slice is automatically selected upon creation.
If Display Section Cuts is on, you can’t see the Group as it’s coincident with the section cut.
Toggle Display Section Cuts off, and the group is visible.