Creating a dynamic deck component

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So I’m working on creating a series of dynamic components for a friend who builds docks and wants to be able to do his prototyping in sketchup. I’m trying to set them up so that he can put in dimensions and the deck will update to have the decking, etc. I’ve used the fence examples and things but for some reason I’m struggling to get this working in my case. I have the bottom beams on which the decking boards will rest, and obviously scaling on that is super simple. However, the decking is the hard part. I created the first board as a component, and combined it with the beams into a main “deck” component. Now I’m trying to work out how to make the decking copy as I increase the length of the deck component. Any tips? Ideally I’d like to allow for a partial deck board at the end if the deck length doesn’t perfectly match with the spacing on the deck boards.

Thanks in advance for your help!

In my Dynamic Components Resources [wiki]
… in both the Sectional Outline and the Alphabetical listings,
look under “Common Types of Dynamic Components”.

There you’ll find a link to the User Guide article on “Components that make Copies of Subcomponents”.
On that page is a video.

There is also one of the training components on the 3DW …

tile grid

Thanks for posting this. I was able to get it working, which I had before with this example. I’m curious though if there is a way to have it auto cut the last piece if the length doesn’t break equally?

The other question I have is with a different part. Under the “deck” portion will be logs that run the length of the dock. How would I set it up so that, let’s say the logs are a max 20ft long. Can the component be setup so that if the dock is over 20ft long, it will create a new log that is the remaining length needed?

No, I don’t think so, as that would be a different component.

Unless you could scale that one instance in the longitudinal “copying” direction.
You might end up having a unique “partial” deck board that is hidden when not needed, and visible when you need a unique cut board at the end.

Though I don’t know as I’d put the “skinny” board at the end edge if it were my dock.
(I likely move it in a board or two and at least 1 full width board, maybe two, at the end.)

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Perhaps, with nested “sectional” subcomponents that are set to only allow a max 20 ft.

I’d get one of these “sectional” DC working first, then try and nest them as “copies” in a “dock” parent component.

If you have range of spacing (SpaceMin and SpaceMax) as attributes you might not need to cut at all. Another attribute (SpaceCalc) to determine the spacing needed. People won’t notice if the spacing is 5,1257 mm
or 5,01mm
And there might be some difference in the boards, as well.

Deck.skp (84,4 KB)