Creating 3D Heart Shapes?

How does one create 3D heart shapes. I figure a 2D heart shape is just two half circles tilted 45 degrees from on another with straight lines coming from outter edges and meeting at bottom.

The 3D heart looks like an extrusion that shrinks heart both in front and behind 2D outline

Check this out, I created a heart in 4 steps.
Heart.skp (1.6 MB)


That looks good, but isn’t it less flat in front?

Did you check the file I sent? I also moved some vertex on the front and back to give it a more rounded shape.

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I’ll give it a look.

I actually can’t read your file. I use SU Make 2017. Your file is too new.

Heart.skp (6.7 MB)
Thats saved as 2017.

Heart(Ver2).skp (6.7 MB)

What is quad mesh?

How do you move vertexes?

What is subdivision?

I am having trouble even adding a loop around it. Followme tool is being stubborn.

Why are you using follow me?
Quads are faces wit just four sides.
Subdividing surfaces is a way of achieving more organic shapes out of a low poly model, it adds more geometry to an object in order to make it look better.
It is possible to move vertices with the native move tool but I use vertex tools cause the native tool converts quads to triangles sometimes while vertex tools keep all the quads intact when you move any vertex.

Search Quadface modeling on YouTube to learn more about it, it’s hard to explain everything on a comment.

Here’s a method that doesn’t require 2 paid extensions.
Tig’s Extrusion tools is a very useful free plugin.


How did you create a loop around outside?

Looks cool, but I really want it to bulge more in the middle. Not a line dividing the halves.

I used the plugin, QuadFaceTools from Thom Thom, it has a tool to create loops, but it only works on Quads.

That does look like a time saver but not necessarily a requirement? I want to make hearts as systematic as possible with just about no manipulate by hand. All math if possible.

I don’t know a way to create parametric hearts on sketchup, actually modeling with quads and subdividing the geometry is in my opinion the easiest way to do it and also the one that delivers the best results, it could take a bit of time to learn and get used to modeling using quads, but once you get it you can model absolutely anything you can imagine, I’ve modeled cars, human characters, really complex buildings like the Heydar Aliyev Center and tons of things more using this method.

Here are some examples of what I’ve done. Made in Sketchup by me and myself

The only way I know of would be Live Components…

What are those?

I just can’t visualize what the shape is. Putting creating it on SU aside. I need to be able to visualize it first.

Probably in the future, right now Trimble creator isn’t even close to blender’s geometry nodes or grasshopper.

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Start with a cube, add few loops and move the vertex to create a very basic heart shape, then add more loops and give it a more accurate shape, it would be better to model jus half of the heart cause it’s a symmetrical shape. Once your happy with the low poly heart, use subD to check how is it, you can add loops or creases for parts where you want to have sharper edges.