Could use some help with some stairs (Flextools)

Hello all, I have never built stairs before and have watched many tutorials and still cant really seem to make it work?

I have flex tools. I attached a quick screen shot of a space I want to put stairs in. The max width is 10’ 5 7/8" and the walls are 8’ high. I need my risers to be a max of 7.5" and the treads to be max 12".

I can have a landing of course if need be to make this work.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! :slight_smile:
Thank you guys!


To clarify, are you wanting help to use FlexTools to draw stairs? or are you asking for help to draw stairs in SketchUp… and you also happen to have FlexTools?

WOW!! I get help from Aaron! :slight_smile: I watch all your videos and you have helped me immensely!!! I have attached another screen shot as I have now changed where we want the stairs to be. I can also send a file if that helps??

Thank you sooo much!!!


A full explanation is potentially a long reply, but here are a quick few notes:

  • 7 1/2" and 10" is absolute middle of the road stair ratio - not too steep, not too shallow.
  • You need the upper floor surface - I don’t see it in your example.
  • For L or switch back, I often make a throw away stair first to find a consistent riser height when using a plugin, or just some lines or guide lines if using native tools.
  • Make a landing and then lift it to the correct tread level as needed to work in plan
  • Then make the two runs of stair, floor to landing and landing to floor.

If you’re using FlexTools, you right click and select Dynamic Components>Component Options to get to the parametric fields, and then the Scale tool is used to adjust floor levels.

With FlexTools:

Sorry for the quick and dirty reply, but if it needs more explanation, just say so.


But you didn’t answer his questions!


Thanks guys! Yes Aaron, I have Flex tools and I want to use flex tools as I have that plugin. I am using SketchUp pro 2021. I am just trying to figure out the best way to build this staircase with the smallest footprint, but also staying with the codes for proper staircase heights of risers and also length of treads.

The walls are 8’ high.

Thank you RTCool! :slight_smile: for trying to help. Your render screen shots are exactly what I am trying to achieve.

The room dimensions I have to work with are 10’ 1" x 10’ 5 7/8". I will keep trying :slight_smile:

Then it would help if you mentioned that in your thread title so that people that do use flex tools are more likely to see it. There are a great many people here who could give you advice on how to create stairs, the number who can help you create stairs with flex tools will be far less and you want to get their attention.

I picked up on it on careful reading.

In case you haven’t checked it out already, there online learning resource for the stairs are here:

From the thread Title!!?

No, not until after reading the body of the post, but you are right, it would help to be in the title.

I was just trying to make it clear that to enable the best help possible you need to be clear and concise in your questions. Make the Title relevant and the text clear and unambiguous.
Like Aaron, I read the first post and wasn’t certain if this was a flex tools question or if that was simply incidental and could be used if we thought it was a good idea, rather than it being a specific Flex Tool question.
So for example:
Help needed with Flex Tools for making Stairs.
Then further details in the message leaves no doubt about what the thread is about.


Ok… moved the post into the Extensions category and added Flextools to the title.

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I want to thank you all for all the help! I also want to apologize for the confusion in my original post and not making it clear and concise ARGH! All great feedback for you guys and any of my future posts will be better :slight_smile:
Thanks again!!