Copying objects and hiding in layers


I would like to show the same object in two different positions, which I’ve tried doing in different layers and also tried hiding one in entity info.

But if I hide one in one layer it remains hidden in both. Likewise if I turn off the visibility in one layer it disappears in the other

Is it possible to have them as separate objects?

I can do this with different objects but I’m having trouble with two objects the same/copied.

Any help appreciated


A door might be used in this way. Make two copies of the door component. One in the closed position and another in the open position. Then make a “door closed” layer and a “door open” layer. Assign each copy of the component to the appropriate layer. You can then adjust the layer visibility as needed based on what you want to see.

Or a drawer could be handled this way.

Thanks for helping, much appreciated.
I re did the layers again and it seemed to work as you demonstrated

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