Converting IFC SketchUp to native Tekla


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You guys already know about the basic linking in place between SketchUp and Tekla, right?

Hi John! Yes, you’re right :wink:

For model of reference… And I use trimble connect too… But skp as model of reference can’t be converted as tekla native objects. :pensive:

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And Items?
SketchUp to Tekla - Use cases 2.pdf (1.9 MB)

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Hi Jack,

I use also items… But it’s still not native profiles… Use full as items but limited for me.


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Sorry, nothing to report yet. But I am watching this thread.

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Or just concentrate on a ifc exporter for profiles in PB4

I’d like to hear more about the work you’re hoping to be able to do with this feature. I understand the argument for having a Tekla model available as a reference object in SketchUp (and vice versa, having a SketchUp model referenced in Tekla); why do you want per-object recognition as native profiles? What job are you trying to do?

Reading your comments to date, it is clear this is something you want to be able to do, but it isn’t clear why you want to be able to do that.


I’m not @djoseph, but I think that basically quite many SketchUp users and BIM users in general dream of applications working better together, including transferring data in editable form. A pipe dream, perhaps. I am not expecting better Revit/Archicad integration very soon.
For Tekla the situation is perhaps different, as it is a specialist tool for structural engineering. People using it have a need to take in information from many different sources, and hope that they won’t need to always build everything again from scratch, whether using an imported 3D template or not.


Basically, a true ifc exporter…

I don’t know about true; I think what you want is to use IFC to transfer editable parametric models. Which isn’t what IFC was designed to do. IFC is a destination format, not an exchange format.

This is a different case, and much closer to the one I expected. This sounds like you want to be able to model in SketchUp with a Tekla model available for context?

Absolutely not, parametric transferability is perhaps, next to the ‘multithreading’ thing the other holy grail in modelling software.
Correct output of attributes and classifications in the IFC exporter is what we need.
Check this thread:

Replace 2018 with 2020.

Exactly, while other softwareprograms have the same destination, SketchUp is still wandering somewhere behind.:smiley:

What other software can do with IFC (convert into native Items or extrusions) has nothing to do with it.
The import of IFC in SketchUp, however, is yet another chapter, let us first concentrate on the export!


I would venture to say that if you need a true / correct IFC export, you will need a true / correct IFC import. Chances are it is for collaboration, and you might have to update your model after another consultant did their thing and you now correct data to plough back into your model.

It is important that SketchUp improves both the IFC import and export function.

But you will never adjust an IFC model from another consultant in SketchUp.
IFC is a data model in a platform-neutral, open file format.

In the situation you describe, for example, you will use Trimble Connect to create the comments and communicate them to the consultant. He will then implement the changes in the 3D model in a CAD program of your choice. Then export a new IFC and again communicate it with the parties involved.

wow ! Thank you all for your responses !

I will try a few brief answers without being misunderstood;)

  1. let’s say to start on the subject of sketchup to tekla that I can reformulate my post in Converting Sketchup to tekla … it will already be good to start :wink:

  2. I’m sketchup addict … and i’m working with lots a software (including TEKLA … wich is great for Structure as said Anssi) … but … i’m sketchup addict and i find lots of solutions to my problems with Sketchup (and profil builder … and dynamics components :wink:

  3. About the ifc … actually, it is an exchange format … and if, I manage to model something with Sketchup … and let’s say, profile builder, I will already be happy :slight_smile: … but I will still need, for the final rendering, that a roof is a roof and an IPE300, an IFCbeam or IFCcolumn

  4. indeed, if TEKLA can understand that a steel cladding created with SU is the same steel cladding in TEKLA, that will be great ! :slight_smile:

… i can create lots of thing with TEKLA, that i can’t do with Sketchup
like that

… and lots of things that i can do with SU that i can’t do with TEKLA like that …

and i’m dreaming for a lot of things (and much more) like Anssi and Jack :slight_smile:

wow, pause … i’ll follow it later :wink: …it’s up to you :slight_smile:

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totally with @MikeWayzovski here.

Correct output of attributes and classifications in the IFC exporter is what we need.

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Just a message to see if there is any news on the subject since my last message … John, Dale, everyone :slight_smile: …?

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This may interest you. A new solution for structural steel design in SketchUp :slight_smile:


Thanck you Dale … I’ll look at it ! :wink: … and forward the information to a friend :slight_smile:

Hi dale, i saw the site … i can’t wait to see more and test;) … have a nice day and take care of yourself