( contextual ) menu items with an image

Hello everybody,

Is that possible, to have an image in the menu item? Is there a hack to do this in ruby.
I don’t see any mention on the web.

Not that I know of and if it was possible by using some OS API I still wouldn’t think it is a good idea. Menus easily look very cluttered when there is both text and icons. In my view such icons should be used extremely scarcely for the most important entries to make them more prominent, e.g. to make Save stand out over Save As and Save Copy As in the File menu, if used at all. An action added by a plugin, although useful, typically isn’t as central as the native entries in the menu and therefore shouldn’t be made more prominent in the UI.


The SketchUp core code creates and builds context menus “on the fly” depending upon the situation, … what is selected, what the active tool is, …, etc. The API gives our tools and commands the ability to provide input to the context menu building, but that is all. Nothin after the menu is displayed.

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