Consolidating line segments in exported DWG / DXF formats

I often draw/design in SketchUp and then export to AutoCAD to produce working drawings. Of course, in SketchUp every intersection makes a new line segment and these end up in the exported DWG or DXF files. I used to clean up the CAD files manually in an older version of AutoCAD LT 2008 but have since upgraded to AutoCAD LT 2014.

I found a great command in this AutoCAD version called OVERKILL. Select linework and OVERKILL consolidates individual segments into long single lines - much faster than the manual method! I don’t know when OVERKILL was added to AutoCAD, but it be available in versions earlier than 2014.

I hope this is useful to others who use SketchUp and AutoCAD together. Cheers!

Overkill has been around in the full version of ACAD for quite a long time, it started as an Express tool.

Note too that you will get real circles and arcs instead of line segments if you export your model as a 3D model instead of a 2D drawing.