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I downloaded a garage door from 3D Warehouse, spent some time making it fit into my garage then discovered it was drawn on a layer named Office. I tried moving everything over to Layer0 but it didn’t seem to move, it copied now turning off either layer turns off everything. Is there a way to get this corrected?

Most likely it can be fixed without too much trouble. Can you upload the SKP file so we can see exactly what’s screwed up and give you the fix?

Sure, here it is.Garage Door Opener 2.skp (2.5 MB)

In that model the easiest thing would be to delete the Office layer and make sure everything on that layer goes to Layer 0.
Screenshot - 2_10_2018 , 12_32_09 PM

There’s an awful lot of nesting of groups–more than there needs to be–and there are groups on multiple levels that are assigned to the Office layer. fixing that while keeping the Office layer would be possible but tedious.

Thanks Dave, I hoped it would be something easy.

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Unrelated question, I drew a box in the garage door model and it has odd little marks on all of the corners, what are they?
skp - SketchUp Make 2017

The style in that file has endpoints and extensions turned on. Edit the style to remove them.

I prefer to set Profiles, to 1, too. After you edit the style, update it by clicking on the thumbnail in the upper left. The circular arrows indicate the style has been edited.

I agree, the higher numbered Profiles makes it look too busy, thanks.

Thick Profiles sometimes look nice, but IMO they can only be used in a model that has no groups or components, as butting or hole-cutting components get thick profiles in places where visually they should be thin or invisible.

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