Component description in ruby

Is it a way to accès to component/file description without open it.


Not currently, but it has been discussed with regard to such a getter in the Sketchup::Skp module.

We debated about many of the metadata items in the SKP files, but this past release, only the long requested read_guid method was implemented.

Please open an API request in the Issue Tracker for other metadata read methods (that have not already been requested in the tracker, such as the thumbnail image, etc.) …

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To start with we only added read_guid as the new SketchUp file format broke the existing workaround/hack to read the guid. This would cause issues with a few different extensions if not handled before the 2021 release. However we made sure to design the new API in such a way that we have a place for more similar methods.

Please file an API feature request for any methods you need, and we know how to prioritize!

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