Component Attributes: Add Attribute fails (add all)

Can add individual attributes under “Component Attributes”…but if (add all) is clicked for the available attributes in the “dropdown” list nothing is added and the available attributes disappear from the list and are not added to the component?

Is anyone else having this issue?

Seems to work when attributes are added individually…

Just tested it. Can’t say I’m having that problem.

Maybe share your .skp file.

Untitled 2.skp (82.9 KB)
Here Ya Go!


Try installing the Dynamic Components extension through the Extensoin Warehouse. Then quit SketchUp and restart. Any change?

Any Suggestions…? I’m doing the exact same actions. Model Settings or something…

I gave you a suggestion in my previous reply. Did you try that?

Sorry…Didn’t scroll down :grimacing:

Your rating should go to “Sensai”… :star_struck:


So scrolling down was the solution?

“Only in YOUR Reply” …says Bullwinkle pulling ‘Mouse’ from hat. :tophat: :computer_mouse:

Hey Rocky…

Might want to mark my post as the solution so others who might have the same problem will find it. :wink:

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Thought I did!..Feel the love.

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