Component appearing mirrored

This is a weird one. I have a component, called “Back”, that is the back wall of a birdhouse. This local component appears twice in my model, once on a layer, called Model, where it is placed in the birdhouse, and once on a separate layer, called “Exploded”, used to make exploded drawings with dimensions. There are 3 sub-components representing screw heads on the outside face of “Back”, one at the bottom and two along the right side of the back wall.

I placed those screw heads on the instance of “Back” on the “Exploded” layer. It should look identical on the instance in “Model”. (I do this with many of the components in the model.) However, the component on the “Model” layer has the two screw heads on the left side, not the right side. They are mirrored.

I have verified that the screw heads are on the correct surface, and do not extend into the body of the “Back”, so I know I am looking at the correct surface.

Any thoughts on why these components are appearing mirrored?


How about uploading the SKP file so we can see exactly what’s going on?

Here it is:

Wren House-gable front-back mount-8inStock.skp (305.1 KB)

In the case of the roof, your right side component is not flipped or mirrored relative to the left roof component, It’s be rotated so its front edge is toward the back.

Why shouldn’t there be screw heads at the bottom of the right side of the birdhouse. The left and right sides of the house are instances of the same component and you added the screw heads to one so they should and do show up in the other one.

And as for the back, why are you expecting them to be on the other side? If you want them on the other side, you can move them over easily enough.

Out of curiosity, how did you arrive at the dimensions you’ve got? There seem to be a lof dimensions with 64ths.

Thanks so much for the feedback. I am impressed by your grasp & quick response.

Regarding the roof, you are correct in that it is not mirrored. I got lazy and just used the same component for both sides, rather than mirror the screws.

Regarding the missing screws on the right side, that is intentional. It is not real clear from the model, but the right side hinges up to open the inside for cleaning, so it is not screwed in place. You can see on the front a small circle where a nail is the hinge point. I forgot to add the matching hinge point on the back.

I am expecting the screws on the back to be on the right side, looking from the back. From the front, that is the left side, which does not swing up. The screw placement on the scene called “Exploded-Back” is correct. I expected that to display correctly in the Model layer.

Regarding the dimensions, I worked backwards. I targeted dimensions derived from the Audubon website. Taking into account the size of my stock, I just started modeling, and let the dimensions fall out. There are also historical influences, because a previous version had the front and back glued up from two narrower pieces, due to narrower stock availability. What is not indicated (yet) on the drawing is that the internal angle of the gable is 45 degrees, so it is fairly straightforward to cut properly. (I now see tweaks I need to make.)

That’s not lazy, it’s efficient to use the same component but it needs to be mirrored and not rotated end for end.

Don’t put the screw heads inside the component if you don’t want them to show up on all copies.

Hang tight. I’ll send you a PM.

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